The most obvious way to keep staff happy is to reward them but we’re not just talking about financially.

It’s easy to splash the cash if you’ve got it, especially if the member or members of staff in question are bringing in more than their fair share of clients but the reality is there is more to job satisfaction than just the pay at the end of the month.

Research by the Cicero Group in 2018 found that only 7% of employees said a pay rise would be highly effective in getting them to produce “great work”.

The reality is we all like to feel valued on a personal level and a bit more in our bank account does not have the same emotional effect as someone giving us praise or saying thank you.

A payrise will also not solve any problems which might exist and shouldn’t be used to try and do so. While it can have a short term impact any issues will still rear their ugly head again.

Fenja Ziegler, Principle Lecturer in the School of Psychology, University of Lincoln, said: “Cash rewards can actually commoditise and devalue our achievements. People can lose their sense of accomplishment when led to believe they only did something for monetary gain. It can demotivate us.”

Giving individuals pay rises can also cause disharmony among the staff. You have to remember that people will always talk, so if someone is seen to get a rise at the expense of others it can lead to resentment which can be hugely destructive in a team environment. So while a pay rise might keep certain members happy, for a while, it could have the opposite effect on the rest of your team, or trigger a domino effect as everyone pushes for a raise.

So if money isn’t the key, how else can you keep your staff happy and staying put?

Work-life balance

Whatever anyone says, I have not met anyone who wouldn’t want a better work-life balance, whether it’s to spend more time with the family or just enjoy some much needed ‘me time’, so what can you do to help staff achieve it?

Maybe you could offer a more flexible approach when it comes to start and finish times, more holidays or better benefits. 

One which often works well is giving staff their birthday’s off as an additional days holiday. This is obviously only an option if birthdays are spread out through the year, in two previous jobs I have shared my birthday with other members of my direct team!

Other benefits could include rewarding loyalty, maybe adding extra holidays for long-serving staff, employee of the month/year awards and staff perks such as Perkbox, Staff Treats or commission based rewards on products/services sold.

According to Glassdoor, 79% of staff members would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase.

Make them feel wanted

The best way to keep staff is to engage them in your salon and make them feel more than just an employee.

Listen to their ideas, invite feedback on yours and create an open and honest work environment.

Develop your staff

Everyone wants a job with prospects, that way it becomes a career, so ensure your staff have some sort of well-defined career progression.

For junior staff this is easy but it’s your senior staff who can quickly reach the end of the line but not if they keep on learning.

Whether it’s new techniques, the latest trends or completely different skills which will help the business your employees will relish the opportunity to add to their skillset.  

By knowing and understanding your staff and what drives them will help you create their perfect continuing professional development plan. 

Set an example

When you run a business, whatever it is, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and do all the jobs you expect everyone else to do.

It’s also essential to remember that you shouldn’t expect other people to work harder and longer hours in your business than you do.

It’s also a misconception that when it’s your business you can arrive late and leave early – especially if you want your staff to respect you. The best way to create an environment people want to be a part of is to create a team where everyone works hard for each other.

After all, teamwork does make the dream work.

Recognise and Reward Employees

As we have already mentioned, financial rewards are not the be all and end all. Instead, most of us are simple souls and just like to be valued and also impress our peers.

So always say thank you and give credit where it’s due for particularly good work. The introduction of employee awards is a great way to reward staff as is pushing your most talented team members to enter awards.

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