We all know we should be doing more to cut down our waste and on plastic in particular. It’s actually quite scary how much we accumulate over the course of a week let alone a year, so it’s great to see the hight street stores doing what they can to help the situation.

Lush in Manchester has reopened as the first plastic packaging-free cosmetics shop in the country.

The store on Market Street, will host an abundance of innovative and plastic packaging-free alternatives to your favourite cosmetics – from the classics, such as solid shampoo bars and soaps, to new naked skincare innovations.

Among our favourites is the Banana Skin Naked Facial Oil which comes in the form of a bar. You simply sweep bar over the face or work between your fingers and massage in.

Rather than scanning labels for information, visitors to the shop will instead be able to scan products directly using the recently launched #LushLabs app, as they replacing some of the need for packaging with a digital solution.

Lush Lens is an in development experiment feature which enables Lush to reduce their impact on the environment by using the phone’s camera and Machine Learning to recognise products through the user’s smartphone camera, and give the customer detailed ingredient information and ‘how to use’ demonstrations via the app.

I wonder how long it will be before more brands take a more innovative approach to packaging, like refillable bottles or using compostable plastic – it surely must be a hot topic in all research and development meetings?

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