It’s no surprise why we had the idea of setting up an independent review site for the hair and beauty industry here in Liverpool, with new research from revealing that there are more beauty outlets per 100,000 people here than anywhere else in the UK.

Taking into account everything from tanning salons and hairdressers to nail bars and hair loss clinics and spas and beauty bars to makeup shops and dermatologists – there are 657 outlets for every 100,000 people in Liverpool.

Nottingham came in second place with 568 and Manchester was third with 563. 

This is a huge amount when you consider that there are just 140 different outlets per 100,000 consumers in Plymouth, while Aberdeen was close behind with just 156. 

When you break down the outlets Liverpool also leads the way when it comes to beauty bars, with 96 per 100,000, while Salford and Wolverhampton were joint second with 89.

At the opposite end of the scale though Hull has just 17 per 100,000 consumers, so we’re not sure we’d like to try and get an appointment in one of those!

When it comes to hair salons Edinburgh lead the way with 24 salons per 100,000 people just one ahead of Glasgow.

Unsurprisingly Liverpool and London come in third and fourth in the list with 20 salons per 100,000 residents.

We’re not sure we’d like to be trying to get a hair appointment in Swansea, Stoke, Belfast or Sunderland though – because there’s only one salon for every 100,000!!

The number of outlets does not reflect the total spending, with the inhabitants of Leeds being the biggest annual spenders, spending a whopping £6,994 per year.

London (£6,336) and Coventry (£6,268) make up the top three , slightly ahead of Belfast (£5,858) and Manchester (£5,595).

At the opposite end of the scale the consumers in Aberdeen spend just £2,710 a year, which works out at just £225.83 a month on beauty products and services and all clothing.

When it comes to their hair though it’s the people of Coventry who spend the most at the hairdressers at £750 almost £100 a year more than the people of Glasgow (£657) in second place.

At the bottom of the league table though Aberdeen are once again at the bottom with just £338 a year or £28 a month – so either salons are incredibly cheap up there or there’s no real monthly commitment.

Coventry also tops the list of spending when you add in hair products which takes their annual spend to £923.

The statistics are very different though when it comes to the spending on face products and makeup.

The people of Belfast are the biggest spenders, with an average annual spend of £1205 , closely followed by Leeds on £1197.

Swansea (£1153), Manchester and Chester (£1100) make up the top five while surprisingly the stylish Scottish capital of Edinburgh is bottom of the list, with the residents spending just £610 a year.

How much do spend on your hair and beauty products per year? Find out how you compare to your neighbours here.

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