We love showcasing the most talented salons and stylists on Instagram (@whocancutit) but as well as great work, great photography is just as important.

So, how can you turn your salon photos into gallery worthy snaps, without breaking the bank?

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Get to know your phone

It’s easy when you think of taking a photograph for Instagram to go straight into the app, but you should always use you camera to take your images because you have more options, which will help you get a better result.

If you are only taking the photo for Instagram, it’s worth taking the photo using your square option, that way it will look exactly as you want it to when you up load it to your account.

There’s a lot you can do to your photo after you take it to make sure it’s Instagram ready, as well as a range of apps but there are some things even they can’t help with.

If you’re concerned about the lighting of an image then you’re better to under expose your photo than over expose it. It’s easier to brighten a photo using editing software than it is to correct a wash out.

If you’re using an iPhone, tap and hold the brightest part of the shot to switch on the focus and exposure lock and let your phone camera do the hard work to help you achieve the best photo possible.

Think about the lighting

Unfortunately , at the moment the sun is rarely shining enough to create that perfect natural lighting, and taking pictures inside at any time of the day can be hit and miss, so we recommend investing in your own photo friendly lighting.

It can be anything from a light ring, that clicks on to your mobile phone to a proper studio light, but whatever you choose you don’t have to spend a fortune, as you can see below.

Plan the photo and think about the subject

If you know anything about photography, you will have heard about the Rule of Thirds.

The idea proposes that the image should be broken down into nine equal parts and rather than placing the subject right in the middle you place it using thirds, so either to the left, right, top or bottom to make it a better composition.

The easiest way to achieve the perfect photo is to switch on the grid tool which is built in to your phone camera.

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Consider your background

You might have created the best cut and colour or manicure possible but the impact will be lost if you can see mess on the floor peeling wallpaper.

You should consider setting up a photo wall, where you take all of your images. This will not only help with the individual photos but also the look and feel of your overall Instagram feed, it will also make your images easily recognisable helping your branding stand out.

Remember consistency is key to success.

Be your own editor

Not every photo you take will work. So, if it does fit your feed or show you in the light you want it to don’t use it. You’re sometimes better not to post anything than post something which could be detrimental to you and your salon.

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