Umberto Giannini

Do you really believe in miracles? I always go into everything with an open mind and believe the best in things and people but whether I believe that a new product range from Umberto Giannini can help your hair grow in just two weeks remains to be seen.

According to the brand their Grow Longer Collection, which consists of five different products has been proven to accelerate hair loss and promises “more hair in two weeks”.

The grow tonic formulation, which is vegan and cruelty free with a coffee fragrance, initiates the new hair follicle growth cycle.

One of the main reasons I have short hair is because I struggled to grow my hair long enough to do anything with and now it’s short it’s hard to change because I don’t have the patience to grow it out. Although if this new range does deliver, then that could be about to change.

Umberto Giannini

What’s included in the range?

Stimulating Shampoo 

Lengthening Conditioner

Transformative Treatment

Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

Hemp, Coconut and Shea Treatment 

What’s in the unique Umberto Giannini Caffeine-gro Complex?

Caffeine – Stimulates circulation to the roots and encourages hair growth.

Organic pea sprout extract – Accelerates hair growth and prolongs hair lifecycle.

Wheat protein – Scalp-soothing.

Seaweed – Marine nutrients for hair health.

Algae – Healing and moisturising.

Irish moss – Soothes and softens for better hair quality.

Coconut oil and shea butter – Nourishing and moisturising.

Sea salt granules – Natural sea salt granules gently detox and exfoliate the scalp

The ingredients combine together to help scalps grow new, strong hair, slow down the loss of hair and hydrate the follicles from within to make hair stronger, longer and healthier.

You can buy the products online here – with prices starting from £8 or you can currently get the full range at the reduced price of just £29, saving you £15. 

Have you tried the products yet? If you have, then share the results below. We’ve put our order in so as soon as we’ve tried them we’ll keep you posted.

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