With over 207 million beauty boards it’s easy to see why Pinterest remains the go to destination for anyone looking for inspiration.

And with users from right across the globe it also proves a great tool for predicting trends and revealing just what is happening in the world of hair and beauty, which is why we love it.

The latest Global Beauty Report from the social media platform has revealed a lot about UK fashionista’s who is seems have spent 2018 pinning more ‘classic’ looks than it’s worldwide counterparts.

When it comes to hair searches for side buns were up 164% in the UK, while it was all about braids in the US with searches up a huge 445%.

In Germany though the talk is all about the pixie cut (up 266%) while in Argentina they are just loving the with flequillo abierto – or open bangs (+150%).

The growing trend here in the UK of eyelash extensions seems to have hit Spain hard, with searches there for Russian volume eyelash extensions up 700%, while women in South Africa are just purring over cat-eye makeup.

Glitter and metallics seem to be on the rise everywhere with Argentineans craving glitter makeup, silver being the most popular colour of eye shadow here in the UK, while glitter nails are up 102% in South Africa.

“On Pinterest, people all over the world are searching and saving ideas to make themselves look and feel their best,” the report said.
“With over eight billion beauty ideas and 207 million beauty boards, there’s something for everyone.”.

If you’re looking for a new look for your nails you might want to take a look at Spain, where women are mixing things up by painting each nail with a different colour, with searches up +239%.

In Australia the growing trend is marble nails, while sculpted nails are on the rise in Argentina.

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