We’ve all had that one staple in our makeup bag which was suddenly discontinued, leaving us thinking maybe we were the only person buying it after all.

But we know the iconic Naked palette from Urban Decay has been one of the best sellers on the market since it’s launch in 2010.

In fact, 30 million of the palettes have been sold worldwide generating over $1 billion in sales, but that hasn’t stopped the brand calling time and discontinung the product.

The 12 wearable shades really relaunched the palette revolution and was the forerunner for the seven other Naked products that will remain on sale.

Urban Decay

To announce the sad and somewhat shocking news the brand wrote a fitting obituary: “Today, the beauty world mourns Urban Decay’s beloved Naked Palette, the product that revolutionized neutral eyeshadows.

It continued: “A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after eight years, without a smudge of regret. Passionate Naked collectors — and pretty much anyone with eyes — will remember Naked as the beauty product that changed their lids forever. It was beautiful and mythical and millions of superfans, from misfits to moms to models, will miss Naked from Virgin to Gunmetal.”

"Saying goodbye to the OG NAKED is bittersweet. We shared a history. We shared a soul. I will forever miss her, but plan to turn the grief into even more greatness. Urban Decay will continue to thrive in Naked's memory and honour - just wait and see."
Urban Decay
Wende Zomnir,
Urban Decay founder

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