Looking good is an important part of a celebrity’s job especially when it comes to stepping in front of the public’s ever-scrutinising eye.
As celebrities are essentially like global brands that many of us try to emulate, these individuals realise the importance of being more than presentable and making sure things stay that way. When it comes to maintaining skin health, investing time, effort, and resources is both necessary and imperative. In this post we looked at skincare advice from five celebrities to show how you too can have glowing and healthy skin.

Sienna Miller

For actress Sienna Miller, maintaining overall health is anchored on one thing: the degree of happiness in your life. Her beauty philosophy is simple: feeling your best equates to looking your best. In a Well and Good feature interview, Miller was asked about her beauty regimen and her response was rather straight-forward: “I don’t want to have surgery, so I just think you have to try and take care of what you’ve got.” While it’s public knowledge that cosmetic and facial reconstruction is common for some celebrities to undergo, Miller insists on contentment and embracing your natural gifts.

Keira Knightley

Every beauty regimen should be founded on flexibility and adaptability. This is Keira Knightley’s approach, most especially towards her skin care. Speaking to In Style, the actress spoke about how since she has welcomed motherhood into her life, she has also noticed certain changes in her skin and her strategy to take care of it: “My skin has become significantly drier with age, so I moisturise and I try to drink as much water as possible.” Additionally, while you might think that imposing a supremely strict skin routine is essential, Knightley hints otherwise. “My new approach is, ‘Do what you can remember, and don’t worry about it too much.’”

Blake Lively

It’s no secret that weather conditions affect the state of your skin. For L’Oréal Paris ambassador and actress Blake Lively, being aware of this fact and acting accordingly is what separates healthy skin from one that isn’t. Blake Lively discussed the matter with Beauty Crew saying, “in winter, I focus on hydration, in summer, I go with lighter moisturisers, and regardless of the season, I am always focused on sun protection.”

Elizabeth Taylor

Like the iconic Cleopatra, whom she played in the 1962 film of the same name, Taylor shaved her face. It might sound weird but it cleared her face of fine baby hairs and the surface layer of old skin cells, which contributed to her unnatural glow. The beauty routine also undoubtedly gave credence to her role as the Egyptian queen, the influence of which still resonates today, sometimes in very unexpected ways. For instance, Taylor’s Cleopatra makeup is basically the same look being mirrored by today’s cat-eye makeup trend. Likewise, the movie Cleopatra is responsible for the look of almost every modern movie that depicts ancient Egypt. This same aesthetic is also present in the Cleopatra slot game on Foxy Casino. The game uses vivid imagery inspired by the Egyptian queen’s glamorous life, with heavy references to Taylor’s portrayal of Cleopatra. As such, the game might have looked drastically different without Liz Taylor’s iconic beauty and influence.

Emilia Clarke

As your skin is heavily dependent on what you do to it, implementing any skin care method should have consistency and patience as its pillars. Actress Emilia Clarke knows this and that is why she remains faithful to her skincare routine, despite the circumstances of her current situation. Clark has spoken about the sense of steadfastness she sustains when it comes to her skin: “I cleanse, tone, and moisturise twice a day, every day. I could be filming or partying all night with my friends—I could be very drunk—but I’ll still be taking off my mascara and cleaning my face.”

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