So the sun is out and it seems like it’s here to stay. But, if, like us, you need to hit the bottle before baring your legs, and we’re not talking about Dutch courage, you’ll love these top tips from tanning expert James Harknett.

It’s easy to rush in as soon as the sun comes out, but that’s where the worst fake tanning fails occur, after all, as the well known saying goes, “failure to prepare, prepare to fail”.

James Harknett

James Harknett, who has been described by Instyle as the Tom Ford of self-tanning, offers both an in-salon and an at home service but if you’re planning on some DIY tanning, here’s some wise advice!

“Firstly, it’s been said time and time again to exfoliate on the days leading up to your tan but just one good scrub, no matter what your skin type, the morning or evening before tanning will give the most accurate results.

“Remember self-tan clings to our dead skin, so if you have spent days sloughing it away, chances are you won’t get the maximum colour you want to achieve.

“For blondes and fair complexions, don’t forget to tie hair back – a shower cap is perfect – and protect any hair still showing (along with brows) with a dab of Vaseline.

“For pale complexions that are conscious of going from pale to over tanned overnight, should break the colour in subtly. Clarins Radiance Boost Drops can be mixed with your existing night cream or moisturiser to gradually build up a glow. Just ensure you blend evenly into the hairline and don’t forget a little behind the ears too.

“Olive and darker tones can be bolder with tanning but the stronger the tan, the higher the chance of the skin feeling more dehydrated and a little taught. So, if you’re using a darker product, a gentle layer of moisture over the face and neck will lock down the hydration.

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