For thousands of years, people have been using homegrown plants and other natural ingredients to create remedies and skin and hair treatments that cleanse, heal, nourish and moisturise.

We’ve got six easy treatments from Dr. Mona Alyedreessy, founder of, that you can make from ingredients you can grow in your back garden or greenhouse to give you beautiful and healthy skin.

There is a large variety of plants, vegetables, flowers, seeds and other natural ingredients that all include different nutritional, health and cosmetic benefits so it is important to research and grow those that you feel are most suitable for your skin condition or type.

skin treatments

1) Aloe Vera

This plant often requires a warm environment to grow in, so you can place it in a pot in a greenhouse. After the plant grows and matures (the older it is the better), the thick leaf of the aloe vera plant is cut to reveal a transparent gel. You can thinly slice this and gently wipe your skin with it to nourish and soothe burned skin or skin that is inflamed. You can add the aloe vera gel to creams or use it on its own. It is best used when it is cold, so after cutting it place it in the fridge for best results.

2) Roses

Roses contain vitamin C and other minerals that are beneficial for the skin. Cut the heads of roses and leave them to dry out naturally in the sun before grinding them into a powder. Mix the powder with some honey and water and apply this as a face mask. Roses help to reduce face swelling, acne and skin infections.

3) Rosemary

Rosemary can greatly help the skin fight free radicals due to its natural antiseptic properties and protects the skin from damage caused by harsh UV rays. Rinse your face with some fresh rosemary tea in the morning.

4) Thyme

This herb is wonderful at fighting harmful bacteria and fungal infections, so it is beneficial for people who have ringworm that appears on the skin, for example. It is also a natural remedy for rashes. Rinse your face with some fresh thyme tea in the evening before you sleep.

skin treatments

5) Basil

Basil is a very effective skin cleanser and toner and beneficial for those who have blackheads and acne. It penetrates deep into the skin and is sure to leave you feeling refreshed. Rinse your face with some fresh basil tea in the evening before you sleep.

6) Lavender

This fragrant flower is often used in aromatherapy for its calming and soothing nature. It is rich with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and can help to speed the healing of cuts and burns. Fresh or dried lavender can be used to make an infusion for use in creams and lotions or can be soaked in hot water and used as a facial rinse.

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