New research from VoucherCodesPro has revealed a worrying statistic that adults as young as 24 are stopping making an effort when it comes to their appearance.

The study found that 42% only previously made an effort to find a partner and 41% were trying to make an impression at work – but it seems once they achieved their goal the standards slipped.

Initially, the 2,188 participants were asked ‘Do you still put as much effort into your appearance as you did when you were in your 20’s?’ to which 89% of respondents confessed that ‘no’ they don’t. When asked why not, the top responses were ‘I haven’t got the time/energy’ (37%) and ‘I don’t have to impress anyone with my appearance’ (34%) were revealed as the top reasons why.

But at what age these major changes take place?

Having a daily skin care routine – 24 years old (the age they stopped putting in so much effort)
Ensuring my underwear matches (boxers & socks/pants & bra, etc.) – 27 years old
Shaving on a regular basis – 28 years old
Ensuring my clothes were perfectly ironed – 30 years old
Styling my hair every day – 34 years old

We’ve been discussing this story here at Who Can Cut It? And it seems we’re anything but normal, with the common theme here being that we want to look good for ourselves.

Granted the underwear rarely matches but from the outside we’ve made an effort when it comes to our hair and makeup.


It’s actually quite sad to hear that women as young as 24 are abandoning their skincare regimes and even more worrying is the news that 10 years later they are stopping styling their hair every day – surely this is just a slippery slope?

George Charles, spokesperson for, said the following:

“Putting effort into your appearance should be something that you want to do; it should never be for other people or because someone pressured you into it. I think as people get older, they realise that life is too short to care what other people think of you but younger people haven’t quite learnt this fact yet. It’ll be good to have a society less obsessed about looks and more obsessed about personality.”

So we’re asking, who do you make an effort for? And can you really imagine not styling your hair every day?

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