We all have that one product that we won’t leave home without, but new research has revealed that more than half of women (51%) wear lipstick to feel better about themselves.

The study of more than 1,000 women, by Beauty Boulevard, also found that one fifth of respondents owned more than 11 tubes of lipstick.

35% of those surveyed believed wearing their favourite lip colour put them in a better mood with 20% wearing it daily and 30% applying it three times a week – think how happy they’d be if they wore it daily 🙂

When it comes to trends, 90% admitted they would wear glittery lipstick, like Glitter Lips, created by Beauty Boulevard, while 16% have already tried the look.


“Lipstick plays an important part in many women’s lives, and the evidence shows in our research, with 51% stating they wear it to feel better about themselves,” said Paula Short, co-founder of Beauty Boulevard.

“It is interesting to see that the most popular feature women look for is that it is long-lasting (49%). We are proud to be the originator of Glitter Lips which provides a long-lasting, glittery lip colour that is 100 % party proof!” Added Rachel De Caux, the other Co-Founder of Beauty Boulevard.

When it came to lip envy, despite more than half of women being happy with their own lips, 13.5% or respondents named Angelina Jolie as the owner of the celebrity lips they admire most, with Kylie Jenner in second place with 7.7%.

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