The recent damp weather is leaving our hair more limp than luxe so we are loving Color Wow’s new volume and texture spray – Style on Steroids.

The versatile aerating spray promises to add “volume and sexy texture with flexible, malleable hold” and more importantly it works – so your hair is going nowhere!

Unlike other texture sprays or powders the Style on Steroids spray has a “light-as-air, see-through formula” so it doesn’t leave a chalky film or dusty finish to your hair.

Forgive us for having never heard of micro-zeolites or moisturising elastomers but this product has both in bucket loads.

Style on Steroids

The micro-zeolites offer “grit and grab” while the elastomers give hair “spring, add muscle memory and keep strands from fusing, sticking or getting stiff and crispy”.

This could also be the only product you need as it also contains thermal protectants so it will also protect your hair when tonging and straightening as well as helping create the perfect finish.

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