Move over Balayage this summer is all about Coralage – the bespoke colour created by The Chapel’s expert colourist Symon May.

Inspired by Ibiza sunsets Symon created the Coralage on influencer Zoe Newlove, using the new City Beats colour collection from Redken.


“I think it’s fantastic that companies are now providing contemporary fashion colours,” said Symon.

“Not only does it give me more tools, it makes more people aware and less afraid of colour opportunities.”

Zoe wanted a soft, wearable version of the pastel coral trend, and hence “coralage” was born.

Symon first balayaged her hair to a soft blonde using Redken Freehand and 30 vols. He then placed some panels of magenta and City Beats Clear in diamond-shaped sections on the underneath of the hair. After this, he mixed a little Midtown Magenta with the shade Yellow Cab and a little West Village Sunset (a bright, vivid orange) with a lot of clear. Finally, he applied it to the rest of Zoe’s hair.

“Before you experiment with this kind of colour, you need to make sure your balayage looks good first, and that it’s been created by a professional,” said Symon.

“There’s no point in trying to create a soft blend on bad balayage. Also, when attempting fashion colours, it’s always safest to try the formulas on hair wefts first – you could even create your own shade chart!”

Symon is also the brains behind the ‘Sponging’ technique so who better to ask what we can expect next?

“It’s all going to be about more and more colour,” he said.

“The pastels will stay but I believe a few more colours will sneak in. Clever placement and panels of colour will allow people to experiment with blues and greens. It’s important to remember that for the best results, these shades should be created by a professional.”

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