It’s part and parcel of visiting the hair salon: your style will be finished off with a beautiful blow dry – and then you have to search for something to do to make sure it’s not wasted. But have you ever wondered how to blow dry your hair in the same way as the stylist?

Although it will never be quite the same, because doing it yourself is always harder, we’ve asked hairbrush brand  Tangle Teezer for a guide on how to blow dry your own hair…

blow dry

Wash right

To begin your blow dry right, you need to start with a wash. Shampoo and condition as normal, but between rinses quickly switch to cold water. This is really nourishing for your hair, and protects against the heat from the very beginning.

Make sure you’re on the way to dry hair

Towel dry your hair before touching the hairdryer to make sure you’ve removed as much excess moisture as possible. Try not to rub your hair with a towel, and instead pat hair dry, as this will reduce the chance of a frizzy or wispy finish.

Add heat protection

Before you get started, you must apply heat protection to stop your hair from drying out or becoming damaged. This is an essential stage.

Get the right brush

You’ll need either a round brush or a panel brush to do the job right, which will vary depending on the thickness and texture of your hair. Investing in the right brush will help you get the right results by the end.

Section your hair

Before you start on the blow dry, section your hair into six to eight parts, so you can blow dry each segment in turn. Work from the back forwards — it’ll be much easier to manage what’s been done and which sections are still to do.

Dry from top to bottom

When blow drying, start by putting the brush in around the root of the hair in your chosen section. Keep the hairdryer above the hair and follow the movement of the bush – so you’re brushing and drying the same section at the same time. Take it back up the roots and repeat again. This is the trickiest part of the process, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Introduce the chill factor

Once your blow dry is complete, blast it with cold air (if your hairdryer doesn’t have this setting, we recommend you get one with it). This will help to encourage a shiny finish and minimise any frizz that could be caused by the hairdryer’s heat.

Add the finishing touches

If you’re happy with the blow dry as it is, you’re good to go! Do you want an extra-sleek look? Apply some serum and run straighteners over your hair. Whatever you do, finish with a covering of hairspray, to make sure your look lasts all day.

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