Cleanse, tone and moisturise is the mantra that we all know we should stick to – but sometimes, in fact, most of the time, life has a horrible habit of getting in the way.

You get in late and just want to go to bed so you’re lucky if a face wipe comes out – and that’s only to stop you leaving makeup streaks all over the bedding.

But isn’t it time we all got a bit more serious about out skincare? There are plenty of horror stories going round about the damage these wipes, which are now available for as little as £1, can do to your skin but surely they are only made up by beauty brands to get us all to spend more?


Well, there may be an element of that but if we’re all honest we know that wipes are not the best thing we can use, well not on their own anyway.

If you are going to follow them up with a good quality moisturiser then the chances are you there will be no harm but wipes can be known to strip the skin of natural oils, so if the last thing you do before bed is a quick wipe to remove the full face then your skin could be drying out while you sleep.

If like me the three step regime isn’t for you then the growing trend for skincare brushes could be right up your street.

I was lucky enough to put the Magnitone to the test and although it’s not cheap, it is a one-off payment and will last – but is it effective enough to justify the price tag?

As well as the Barefaced Facial Cleanse Brush there’s also the Full Monty, which can be used on your face, body and feet thanks to three different heads.

The brush deep cleans, tones, exfoliates and buffs your skin leaving it cleaner, brighter and fresher-looking.

I have to admit it was a strange feeling at first and tough to get into the regime but as soon as you start seeing the results it’s easy to get motivated.

Following the initial first few days of use my spots cleared up and my skin looked brighter than it had for a long while – it was a similar effect to a holiday as my radiant glow was back.

The Body Exfoliate function meant I could get rid of the harsh body brush the fact it’s 100% waterproof and designed to be used in the shower meant the dead skin was washed straight down the plughole.


The Magnitone also left me with super smooth feet and heels thanks to the Well-Heeled Pedi-Buff Head, although it takes a little while to get over the strange sensation – especially if you’re not a fan of having your feet touched.

As well as the three different brush heads the Full Monty also has five different functions; Facial Cleanse – Sensitive, Daily Cleanse & PulseLift Toning. Body – Exfoliate & Pedi-Buff.
The Full Monty costs £130 which certainly isn’t cheap, but when you take into account the cost of exfoliating facials, such as Crystal Clear, and pedicures then it becomes easier to justify. And more importantly, if your skin is left looking and feeling great then it’s worth every penny.

The good news is that currently have £50 off meaning you can get one now for £80 by clicking here  (the offer is only available until April 11th).



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