I’m not one for putting on a full face of makeup to go to the gym or to lie by the pool on holiday but I’m also not brave enough to go makeup free either.

That’s why I love the news that Primark has launched a cosmetics range designed to work out in.

Primark beauty  PS…Workout range contains 11 different products which have all been designed to stay put, even when your putting it through the toughest exercise regime possible.

The lightweight makeup features sweat and splash proof formulas, making it perfect for holidays as well as workouts.

Primark beauty

The whole range is made up of neutral colours and includes Liquid Lipsticks (£2), Waterproof Eyeliners (£1), Lipliners (£1), Mattifying Powder (£2), Waterproof Mascara (£2), Foundation Stick (£2.50) and Lip Balm (£1).

What’s not to love? Only the fact you can’t buy online because we all know a trip to Primark, not only ends up costly but also far longer than expected.

Visit www.primark.com for more information.

Primark beauty

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