If you have afro hair, you need to approach your blow dry with this in mind. Afro hair can be fragile and you will, of course, want to avoid potential damages and breakages that could occur through the application of heat and excess styling.

We’ve asked award-winning hairbrush manufacturer Tangle Teezer for some techniques on how to blow dry afro hair into a smooth hairstyle, helping you to create a brand new look!

afro hair

Choose the right shampoo

Begin by washing your hair with a moisturising shampoo that will keep your hair nourished.

Keep water cool

When you’re rinsing your hair, try and make the water as cold as you can manage. We know this might feel like torture but it’s another great way to prevent heat damage.

Pile on the conditioner

You’ll often hear that unconditioned hair is easier to style – which may be true – but you want to do all you can to protect your natural locks! Choose a moisturising conditioner or go the whole way and add a deep conditioning treatment – ten minutes with one of those on makes all the difference.


It’s much easier to detangle wet hair, so use a broad comb to remove all the knots

Towel it

Once rinsed and combed, wrap your hair in a towel to remove the water from it. Rubbing it with a towel will make it frizz and remove essential nutrients, so avoid at all costs and pat dry instead.

Heat protection

Once most of the water has been removed from the hair, it’s product time again. Choose your favourite heat treatment before applying any sort of heat on your hair, especially towards the end of your hair.

Section it

Part your hair into workable sections — six or eight should be enough depending on your hair’s thickness — and clip all sections up, except the one you want to work on. It is recommended that you work from back to front, to make it easy to pin back the finished sections

Minimise the heat

You’ve avoided any hair damage so far, so it’s only right you should continue. Keep away from the high temperature dryer settings, and test a medium to cool temperature.

Get blow drying

Take a paddle-style, blow drying hairbrush like this blow-styling tool from Tangle Teezer, and brush the section from underneath. As you’re doing this, dry from above with a concentrator nozzle if you have one to hand. Complete each section before beginning the next, and carefully work your way through the entire head. Blow some cool air over each section to smoothen further, if your hairdryer has this setting.
The finishing touches.

You’re all done!

Spritz with your favourite styling products or smoothen out further with straighteners, if you need a poker-straight style.

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