grey hairEvery year something else seems to be the new black but this year it’s grey, as Superdrug reports 3013% increase in sales of grey hair dye.

Previously one of the main reasons people dyed their hair was to hide the grey, while it only seems like five minutes since grey stars such as Dame Helen Mirren went pink to hide her previously grey locks.

Now though it’s the colour to be out of choice – thanks largely to the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora both trying the look for themselves!

In the last year Superdrug has introduced 10 shades of grey and silver hair dye, as well as 22 shades of vibrant colours but there has been one clear winner.

Sales of grey colour is up by more than 3000% and the most popular among shoppers aged 22-28 years-old.

Vibrant shades of purple, pink, blue and red are also up, having risen by 133% the last six months and have been most popular amongst women aged between 42 and 56 years.

The most recent shades to hit the shelves are Colour Freedom’s Blue Denim and Coral Blush, while early 2017 will see Superdrug debut a complete new collection of Own Brand pastel and vibrant hair dyes.

Megan Potter, Superdrug Head of beauty (haircare and skin), said: “Silver and grey hair dye is incredibly flattering and is actually very different to grey hair which has changed colour through loss of pigment, generally through age.

“It’s really interesting that younger customers are going for metallic grey, recognising that it’s a very graceful sophisticated look. Our older customers however are fighting against going grey and embracing the exact opposite, choosing aqua, blues, purples and pinks.

“Whatever your age the one thing that remains true is the power of hair colourant as totally transformative, whether you want to go for a sophisticated grown up look, or are looking for a fun youthful look.”

Photos courtesy of @RitaOra (Twitter) @kyliejenner (Instagram) and PR Photos.

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