We’re always on the look out for new techniques and in such a creative industry so is everyone else and right now ‘sponging’ is one of our favourites.

This innovative hair colouring technique was dreamt up by Symon May of award winning salon The Chapel and shown to the world at a world-renowned salon convention.

May, inspired by the way his own children used sponges to blend colour in their paintings, used a sponge to apply a range of colours in a new and unconventional way – the end result being an artistic and captivating effect. The sponge technique was demonstrated on stage by Redken and The Chapel’s team, using real-life models and a step by step process to make it salon-friendly.

Symon recommends using a star shaped sponge to apply the colour, and create a unique and blended look. “At The Chapel, we want to encourage people to be creative and have fun with their hair,” said Gary Russell, Artistic Director at The Chapel.

“You shouldn’t worry about going too far or standing out from the crowd. Our mantra is: do you want to follow trends, or do you want to be the trend?”

The Chapel is constantly seeking to break boundaries when it comes to hair colour. Their research has shown that over 50% of UK women are unhappy with their hair colouring results, and over 5.40 million have stopped going to the salon to get their hair coloured altogether.

After seeing this technique though we think those numbers could change because it’s not one we recommend you try at home!

Click here for more information about The Chapel.

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