If you suffer from fine, thinning or breakage-prone hair then we have a recommendation for you – it’s called Full Potential by Bb and it really works!

Every now and again we all need help when it comes to our hair. Too much styling, colouring and heat can eventually take it’s toll, as can other environmental and personal factors.

I thought my hair was in relatively good condition until I tried the Full Potential range from Bb (Bumble and Bumble).

The three product range comes with the tagline: “for hair that looks fuller, feels stronger and stays with you for longer” and promises to help preserve hair.

The range includes; Hair Preserving Shampoo (£23), Hair Preserving Conditioner (£25) and the star of the range the Hair Preserving Booster Spray (£38) and all three invigorate and exfoliate for an optimal scalp environment.

The invigoration comes courtesy of the menthol, which is the perfect sensation to start the day.

Unlike so many other ‘treatment’ shampoos this one still lathers up to leave your hair feeling super clean. The best thing is it also removes product buildup to leave hair looking healthier and shinier and stops it feeling weighed down, which also means you don’t have to use a different clarifying shampoo.

The conditioner is lighter than most, so won’t leave your hair feeling super soft but it does do what it’s meant to do – and that’s leave hair fuller looking and stronger.

It also helps reduce hair loss by reinforcing strands, promoting strength and elasticity and by not weighing the hair down.

The highly potent and restorative spray includes the Full Potential Hair Preserve Blend that helps hair look fuller and feel thicker.

After using the three products I noticed a dramatic change, almost immediately. My hair was full of volume and after using it for almost three months it feels stronger and thicker and looks healthier than it has for years.

Full Potential by Bb

The spray is meant to be used twice daily, on wet or dry hair but I admit I only use it after I wash my hair and even that has seen some amazing results.

If you do suffer from fine, thinning or breakage-prone locks or just need a boost I would highly recommend the range and believe it is worth the money.

If you can’t afford £86 for the full range though there is a travel sized set, which includes all three products, for just £25 and will give you a great idea of how much it can help.

All three products also contain UV absorbers help protect hair against UV damage – which is another great feature with summer approaching.

“Strong styling calls for strong hair. Full potential leaves strands feeling invincible, so you can create virtually any style – chignons, knots, crimps, teased-to-there hair – with ease. And confidence.” – Laurent Philippon, Bb.Global Artistic Director.

Click here to buy Full Potential by Bb.

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