When it comes to pampering my favourite treatment is the Indian Head Massage and the best part of a trip to the hair salon is someone washing my hair, so discovering the AirMotion hair brush will save me a fortune.

As well as gliding through your hair it also boasts amazing massaging bristles, which leave the scalp tingling – perfect when you’re feeling a bit stressed!

Created by Grange Snell, who has over 27 years experience in the industry, means the brush understands the factors that contribute to daily stress and strain upon your hair.

It also comes highly recommended by stylists who love the ergonomic design as well as the fact it untangles even the knottiest of hair.

The Tri-Bristle technology combines 3 different lengths and diameters of bristle which means no hair is left untouched leaving it smooth, detangled and stress free and the fact that all bristles are hand polished means they are kind to the scalp.

The Air Shock absorption technology reduces the strain on your hair making it super gentle and reducing breakage, while the design means the brush won’t slip out of your hand so take it to the pool, gym or use in the shower!

If we’ve not sold it to you yet, the fact it’s very lightweight means it’s perfect for your handbag and is great for creating updo’s as well as leaving long locks smooth and sleek.

The AirMotion costs £11.95 and can be bought online at in either white or pink.

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